Mustache Transplant in Turkey

زراعة الشنب في تركيا

Cultivation of the mustache in Turkey is one of the most popular operations in recent times because it is related to an authentic and important part of the face, which is the mustache or the mustache. The most demanded in many centers that practice this procedure, conducted by Infinity Hair Center, which is a pioneer in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey, however, due to the category targeted by mustache transplantation in Turkey, and due to its great importance, we We will discuss together in the lines to come all the details on this subject.

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Benefits of Mustache Transplant in Turkey

The availability of expertise and skill sought by the subject of mustache transplant process, and in fact most of the cosmetic centers in Turkey are considered to be the first to bring the best expertise and skill that is commensurate with the data of the mustache transplant process, and the most important of these centers is certainly the distinguished PAPILLON CLINIC

The cost is very low compared to other countries. Of course, the cost of hair transplant in Turkey is an essential advantage for the person undergoing the operation if this cost is proportional to him and his financial capacities. On the contrary, it can be considered as the most important and main thing that is asked when thinking about Mustache Transplant in Turkey.
Availability of various techniques used in the world of hair transplantation, despite the emergence of mustache transplantation in Turkey not so long ago, but most of the techniques are constantly updated, so among the main advantages offered, we find the availability of a large number of distinctive and modern techniques.
The presence of a large number of distinguished centers and hospitals Of course, some people may not be suitable to perform the operation in centers and seek to undergo it in large hospitals equipped with the best equipment, also available in Turkey .

Reasons for Mustache Transplant

Of course, resorting to the mustache growing process is not optional, but mandatory if there are reasons, the most important of which are:

Dealing with the genetic causes that lead to a light mustache, because sometimes there can be genetic reasons that lead to the loss of mustache hair, and so solving this problem will be to resort to growing the mustache and trying to to get a more attractive mustache.
Get rid of the effects of medications that caused mustache hair loss Unfortunately, some medications have side effects such as mustache hair loss or complete hair loss in general, and of course chemotherapy is the one of the most important drug methods that lead to hair loss in people and mustache especially in men.
The emergence of a skin disease that affects the shape of the mustache by the presence of voids, and in fact these skin diseases have become widespread recently and appear on the features of the person more critically in the form of voids on the face, hence the cultivation of mustaches as a solution to this problem.
The ease of the process of growing a mustache in Turkey, and in fact this is the main reason why people resort to it, as the relatively easy process leaves no hurdles related to time, effort or even financial compensation .

Techniques Used in Mustache Transplant in Turkey

Certainly, the techniques used in Hair Transplant will be present in Mustache Transplant in Turkey, as medicine has recently developed many techniques that facilitate and improve the process, and the most important of these techniques are:

The FUE technique, which is the most prominent and widely used technique at present because it offers all the capabilities and all the advantages, the reasons are available in all cosmetic centers.

The sapphire technique, which is a technology that has recently emerged and has undoubtedly proved the strength of the scientific development of cosmetic operations in general and the mustache transplant process in particular, because the sapphire technique makes the process very easy by because of its simplicity to the point that some believe it does not need a doctor to start from scratch, and this distinctive technique depends on the accuracy and speed of implementation, and it is also available at Papillon clinic
The Perkutan technique, which is also a recent technique that relies on the tool that opens holes in the head, especially the donor area and the recipient area, to pave the way for tool-based transplantation cylindrical that looks a lot like a pen For many, the most important technology of all in recent times.

How to Perform a Mustache Transplant

The important thing for a person undergoing mustache transplant in Turkey or elsewhere is to know the method in which the process is performed, as it is done as follows:

Anesthetize the transplant and extraction area, which is the first step of the Turkey mustache transplant procedure steps. At this point, appropriate anesthesia is used to kill sensation in the areas where the transplant and extraction will take place. Of course, not all cases apply the same type of anesthetic used.

The extracted follicles transplantation stage, which is the stage in which the follicles are removed from the storage area so that the cultivation of these follicles is started in an appropriate manner and through the agreed technology, and this stage must be supervised by the most experienced and efficient doctors as this is the most important stage of the operation.

Tips Before Undergoing Mustache Hair Transplant in Turkey

Although mustache transplantation in Turkey is a very important step, what precedes it in importance is knowing some things that must be known, the most important of which are:

Choosing the most suitable center for mustache cultivation in Turkey, because there are many centers in the country that easily provide mustache cultivation, but not all of them are of the same quality and distinction, so it is recommended to choose the most appropriate and important center, which is the Infinity Hair Center.
Inform the doctor of any medical history, so that the doctor determines whether or not to perform the operation, since certain diseases prevent surgical operations, however simple they may be.
Try to grow out the follicles using the same angles as the original mustache so that there are no flaws in the overall view of the mustache.
Constantly cleaning and avoiding cracks, and of course this is one of the things to do after planting the mustache in Turkey in order to achieve the results quickly and to ensure that they are maintained after achieving them, and in fact the Distinguished Center will help you achieve and maintain results easily.

How much does a mustache hair transplant cost in Turkey?

Undoubtedly, mustache transplant in Turkey is not a fixed cost process like many other cosmetic operations. In fact, the difference in this cost is due to many reasons, mainly the quality of each center and the number of expert doctors at its disposal, in addition to the possibilities represented in the use of the latest hair transplant techniques in the procedure, but above all that the size of the area to be grafted in the mustache will determine the cost final, which often ranges between $700 and $1200, and the Infinity Hair Center is the most balanced center in the value-for-money equation, as well as having the best capabilities available.

In the end, mustache transplant in Turkey is now one of the most common operations for men, so it is advisable to carefully research all the details related to it and make sure to choose the best cosmetic center for it. ensure you finally get the desired result. result, and all these things are provided, of course, by PAPILLON CLINIC

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