Best dental clinic in Turkey

أفضل عيادة أسنان في تركيا

The health tourism section has shown great flourishment in Turkey in recent years. This is largely due to the high quality of the medical services that are provided at a reasonable cost in Turkey in comparison to other European or American countries. In addition to the tourism privileges in Turkey, medical health clinics grant advanced facilities regarding accommodation, transportation, and hospitality. The following article discusses the best dental clinics in Turkey.

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What is the best dental clinic in Turkey?

Professional dental treatment in Turkey has been an attractive factor for many to visit Istanbul and receive the desired dental procedure. The provided dental services in Turkey are varied widely including simple procedures such as tooth filling, and root canal treatment, to more complex procedures such as dental implants and Hollywood smile techniques. Many dental clinics in Turkey is providing exceptional dental care, nevertheless, in order to choose the suitable clinic, several points need to be considered such as: 

  1. The type of needed dental procedure to ensure having the proper qualifications in the destined clinic related to the desired service. such as having a specialist caregiver, and providing the suitable and most advanced dental instruments and materials. 
  2. Knowing the available language choices in the clinic. The language could be a real obstacle for patients coming from abroad. Thus being aware of the languages used, and the existence of interpreters is also crucial when choosing the best dental clinic in Turkey. 
  3. Every clinic has its policy regarding procedure correction in case something goes unexpectedly wrong. The patient needs to have an overview of these policies. 
  4. Payment options also is another factor to consider to know what fits better with the possibilities of the patient. 

The best dental clinic in Turkey may include a clinic that is part of the major medical centers in Istanbul such as the American Hospital, Medical Park Group, and the hospitals of the known universities, or specialized dental clinics.

Best dentist in Turkey:

Deciding the best dentist in Turkey depends largely on the needed dental service and the level of the specialty of the caregiver. Turkey in general and more particularly Istanbul is known for many professional dentists. The main privileges to receive dental treatment from the best dentists in Turkey can be : 

  • Experiencing a multinational medical staff and caregivers that goes along with the diversity of the patients.   
  • Getting a high-quality dental service provided by professional specialists in almost every dental field. 
  • The high-quality service comes with affordable expenses and reasonable costs. 
  • The best dentists in Turkey are equipped with the most recent dental instruments and technologies that ensure the best results. 
  • Having a similar cultural background between the patients and the dentists can be a great motivation for patients who come from nearby countries. 
  • High governmental standards and quality control over medical services.

Best dental clinic in Turkey for implants:

Dental implant procedures and cosmetic treatments such as Hollywood smile are considered the most demanded dental services in Turkey. A dental implant is a titanium-made screw that is implanted in the jaw bone to hold a ceramic crown as a revolutionary artificial alternative to the lost natural tooth. This procedure needs highly skilled dental staff with specialized dental instruments to achieve the best results. Thus it is crucial to search carefully for the best dental clinic in Turkey for implants that have experienced and reliable specialists. Dental implantation is considered to be the most costly procedure around the world, but the best dental clinic in Istanbul provides this service at affordable prices.

Best Hollywood smile in Turkey:

Hollywood smile is the most wanted cosmetic dental procedure not just in Turkey but also worldwide. The best dental clinic in Turkey for Hollywood smile techniques varies according to the following techniques to achieve the result. Hollywood smile procedure aims at having White shiny and regular teeth appearance. That can be achieved in different ways regarding the nature of the dental problem that the patient is suffering from. In some cases, the procedure can be done by whitening the teeth without any further need for teeth correction or treatment. But other cases may need extensive dental interventions such as dental veneers, crowns, or even implants. The best dental clinic in Turkey for Hollywood smile can be determined according to the needed procedure.

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